Brushing Teeth before Eating

The General Council of Schools of Dentistry and Stomatology warns that the oral health of adults and the elderly is worse than that of the US average, although that of adolescents is higher than this average. For this reason, the Council states that the state should invest more in benefits and resources intended for prevention.

On this point, that of prevention, the International Head of the Council, places it as the most important element for the oral health of citizens. In this sense remembers the importance of the classic rule of the three brushes a day, emphasizing the before bed as the main for two reasons. First because we have more time to do it in a more complete way; second because at night there is not as much saliva as in the day, and as this saliva protects against harmful acid for the teeth, we must clean the mouth better.

Patient and professional rights

Another interesting conclusion is to present from now on in the consultations of the dentists posters that will include the letter of the rights of patients and professionals. The objective of this initiative is to improve the professional relationship between both, to approach each other and avoid problems due to lack of information through the knowledge of the duties and rights of each group.

As far as the patient is concerned, he has the right, among other things, for the dentist to respect at all times his privacy, as well as his convictions, to avoid unjustified delays in his attendance, to the free choice of professional, since, In the event of being sufficiently informed, may reject the diagnostic and therapeutic indications that the dentist considers appropriate. It will also enjoy the right to have the professional commit to ensure the continuity of their services, a complete knowledge of the clinical information or the need for their prior consent for any operation carried out on their person, being informed in this case of all The pros and cons.

On the other hand, the dentist can, if he works on his own, choose the prosthetic and laboratory he deems appropriate. If you do it for others, you can count on professional independence and freedom of action in the area of ​​your competence, have conscientious objection, professional secrecy and the possibility of refusing those clinical practices that you deem contrary to the patient. It also recognizes the possibility of discontinuing treatment when a patient refuses treatment, requires inadequate procedures, imposes certain products, refuses to sign the requested consent, or manifests a manifest lack of confidence on the part of the patient.

High number of dentists

Finally, the Council has stated that there is an excessive number of dentists in US. According to experts, the number of dentists is around 17,000, a figure that exceeds 1,200 people the amount recommended by the World Health Organization. This is mainly because it is a liberal profession and the existence of a large number of private schools