Bruxism of the dream

Sometimes people wake up from their nights of sleep with their jaws sore, stressed or even with headaches, and they do not know why. As much as 8% of the adult population and a third of the child population, may be suffering from sleep bruxism, which makes it a common condition.

The bruxism of the dream, is a par functional grinding (outside the sphere of normal function) of the teeth, an oral habit that occurs while we sleep. Most of the time, the patient is not aware of what is happening, however, the noise of the grinding is often noticed by the person who may be sleeping next to him, and can be very disturbing to sleep habits.

It is not entirely certain what causes sleep bruxism, although studies have shown that some people who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety are more likely to grind their teeth at night. Smoking and drinking coffee or other products with high caffeine content may increase the risk of suffering from this condition.

When the harmful habit persists for a long time, the patient suffering from sleep bruxism may suffer damage to the teeth, including crowns and other dental restorations that may exist, and may cause jaw and headache pain, tension in the jaw muscles and increase the sensitivity in the teeth.

If you suspect that you are suffering from this condition, it is important to consult a doctor to evaluate the best treatment to avoid the complications of it.