Bulimia and oral health

Bulimia is an eating disorder that involves compulsive eating, then self-induced vomiting, in order to eliminate everything ingested.

This practice, which is repeated numerous times a day, not only leads to serious psychological consequences but also affects the body in its entire composition.

This type of illness that is more frequent during adolescence and is linked to a problem of self-esteem and the desperate need to lose weight, in addition to affecting the nutritional status brings severe complications to oral health, which are often irreparable, and they are not taken into account, ignoring the relevance that it has in a good diet and digestion.

The induction of vomiting repeatedly causes stomach acids to cross the mouth and erode tooth enamel, causing decay, discoloration and even the loss of some teeth.

The weakness of the teeth makes them more sensitive to cold and heat, while the salivary glands swell and the tongue dries. The processes of vomiting cause redness of the glands of the oral cavity and, in certain occasions, can begin to notice fissures in the corners of the lips, ulcers, blisters and gingivitis.

All these symptoms, which begin to manifest themselves from the beginning of this disease but are hidden by patients, result in severe problems swallowing food, as a result of swelling in the cheeks, chin and neck, which also cause pain at the time of The digestion.

For this reason, periodical dental control is important, since as the teeth can appear worn and of a yellowish color, it is perhaps this specialist who first notes evidence that the person is going through some type of eating disorder.