Dental prevention

Dental prevention involves regularly consulting your usual dental surgeon in Lausanne. Dental prevention is the best way for your dentist in Lausanne to avoid dental infections and all the diseases they cause. Note that it is useful to regularly visit the dentist (at least twice a year) even if you think you are in good health. Treating a beginning caries is much less expensive (to patients and the community) than revitalization or extraction resulting in the placement of a prosthesis.

Dental prevention, your dentist in Lausanne will confirm it, begins at the level of feeding the child. In fact, the sugar is assimilated by dental bacteria and is converted into acids that attack the tooth’s email and cause cavities. With regard to hygiene, it is imperative to get the child brushing their teeth after each meal and to get them to acquire an effective brushing technique very early.

In practice, your child should associate the consumption of sweets and the brushing of his teeth. Since it is irrelevant to ask him to brush every time he eats a candy, plan to give him candy at the end of the meal.

Brushing is an irreplaceable part of dental prevention. And dental prevention is also fluoride. Fluoride, for some year’s essential component of toothpastes, is a major element of dental prevention by strengthening the structure of the teeth. To choose a toothpaste that meets your needs and avoid fluoride overdose, do not hesitate to ask your dentist.