Design dental brush that does not need paste

The Soladey-J3X transmits electrons from its base to the top of the brush where it reacts with the acid in the mouth, creating a chemical effect that breaks down plaque and kills bacteria.

The Japanese company Shaken designed a new toothbrush that works with solar energy and also does not need paste.

The Soladey-J3X has a solar panel on its base that transmits electrons on a titanium bar to the top of the brush, these react with the acid in the mouth, creating a chemical reaction that breaks down the plaque and kills the bacteria in the teeth.

In addition to being innovative and of good design, the new toothbrush does not generate contamination since it does not need electricity or batteries, in addition to the savings involved in not buying toothpaste.

This invention has been tested in bacterial cultures that cause periodontal disease, which affects the gums and the supporting structure of the teeth, with very good results.

According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, this device completely destroys the bacterial cells that cause various dental diseases.

The invention was presented during the international conference on dental health held in Dubai, where he won the first prize among 170 contestants.