Diabetes, oral health and gum diseases

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that can affect various organs and various parts of your body. You may not know that it can affect your oral health and that serious gum disease could negatively influence the control of your diabetes. Keep reading so you know the importance of this association and what you should do about it.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, there are 366 million people in the world who currently suffer from diabetes, of whom 25.8 million are in the United States. Of these, 18.8 have been diagnosed, 7 million do not know they have it because they have not been diagnosed and 79 million have prediabetes. These numbers speak of a very important epidemic.

We know that diabetes increases the risk of developing heart disease, cardiovascular accidents, kidney failure and problems with vision, but we also know that it increases the risk of developing oral health problems.

However, a survey conducted by Harris in 657 participants over the Internet revealed a lack of awareness about the oral health problems associated with diabetes.

What happens is that people with diabetes are twice as likely to develop gum diseases. In addition, severe gum disease in people with diabetes can make blood sugar levels more difficult to control.

To keep diabetes under control you have 5 simple recommendations:

Take control with small steps!

Transform your life and your health with simple steps. Increase your physical activity, for example, walk an additional before returning home; eat small portions of your favorite foods, and brush your teeth after each meal. As you make these changes, keep your doctor and family informed. They will help you maintain a positive attitude and a healthier lifestyle.

Talk to your doctor and your dentist

Your doctor has a fundamental role to help you manage your diabetes, but your dentist is also important. Make sure you give the dentist the name of your doctor and their information, so that together they can collaborate with your treatment.

Explore all the options for treating your mouth with a professional

People with diabetes are more likely to develop serious gum disease, so it is important to take good care of your teeth and gums with dental checkups every six months. If you do not have a dentist or dental insurance, a dental school in your area may be a good option. Most dental schools have clinics where the cost is often more affordable than with a private dentist.

Take preventive measures against gum disease

There are studies that suggest a possible relationship between serious gum diseases and diabetes, and that serious gum diseases can potentially affect the control of glucose (sugar) in the blood and contribute to the progression of diabetes. Taking the steps recommended by your doctor to control your diabetes can decrease the likelihood of developing gum disease.

Choose your toothpaste wisely

A simple step to help control the health of your gums and prevent early gum disease is brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day with a toothpaste specially formulated for the health of your gums, and flossing at least once a day. Today there is only one toothpaste approved by the FDA and accepted by the American Dental Association to help prevent gingivitis.

If you visit your doctor and your dentist regularly and follow their indications, you will decrease the risks of developing not only dental plaque and gingivitis, which are the most common gum diseases, but many of the complications caused by diabetes.

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that can affect several organs in our body, so when you have this condition it is important to check your blood sugar frequently, follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, try to maintain a healthy weight, and keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control too. And, of course, do not skip meals or check-ups either, besides not forgetting your oral health.

Diabetes does not give symptoms until complications appear. There is no doubt that you can live a long and happy life with diabetes and of course, keep a beautiful smile.